Active Living

Get moving this winter!


Fitness expert Lee Sutherland will get your workout resolutions back on track, with handy hacks to increase your incidental exercise

  • Lee’s biggest tip for motivating yourself to get up and go is to be kind to yourself. “Remember when you last felt your best and use yourself as motivation. Don’t compare yourself to others.”
  • “I wish I could tell you motivation is easy to find but it’s not. Just like a muscle, it needs to be worked to grow strong. If mornings are a nightmare for your schedule, why not do after work, or at midday when the kids are eating lunch?”
  • “Try shopping for new workout outfit or accessories to kick start your motivation. Stay accountable by scheduling workouts with a buddy. And don’t forget to mix it up – if you’re feeling particularly stressed swap that run or skipping for something more gentle like yoga.”
  • “Visit a nearby park (yes to fresh air and vitamin D!) and set up near a bench or stairs for 20 minutes of Tabata training. This involves doing an exercise for 20 seconds as hard and fast as you can, then resting rest for 10 seconds and repeating. It’s my favourite workout!”
  • “Walk, walk, walk! Hitting those 10,000 steps every day is hard, but a few simple changes can help to increase our incidental exercise. Start by parking at the opposite end of the shopping centre rather than trying to get a spot right at the front. On your way out, lose the trolley and carry all the bags – hello bicep workout!”