Home Hacks

Have your home organisation plans dropped down your list of priorities?


Expert organiser Robyn Amott is here with simple tips to get back on track:

  • Robyn’s approach to organising is all about taking it step-by-step and tackling one surface, corner or category at a time. You’ll avoid getting overwhelmed and notice more getting done!
  • “Turn a task into a habit or routine so you do it on a regular basis. Create the habit by adding it to an existing routine so it becomes natural. Being repetitive keeps it consistent.”
  • “For example, when I’m cooking, I’ll start stacking the dishwasher, or I’ll clear away the brekky table before school drop-off.”
  • “When organising wall cabinets, think about primary and secondary storage. The things you use most frequently should be in the most accessible location.”
  • “If anyone who comes into the house can find anything, you’ve done it right!”